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Private Adoption

Private Adoption in Jacksonville

Uniting Florida’s Children with Loving Families

Section 63.082 of the Florida Statutes gives parents the right to put their child up for adoption through a private adoption agency. If the child is a dependent of the court or in foster care, their parents can still make this decision so long as they have parental rights. This process is called intervention and has many benefits for both the parents and the child.

Adoption Choices of Florida is an agency serving families in Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. We will help you understand and successfully complete every step of the private adoption process, whether you are the biological parent(s) or the prospective adoptive parent(s). Our goal is the same as yours: for children to find safe, loving, and permanent homes.

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What Is the Difference Between Public and Private Adoption?

Also considered foster care adoption, public adoption is conducted solely by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). The goal is to return children to their biological families, but when this is not possible, the DCF initiates court proceedings to terminate the parents’ legal rights and place the child with a forever family. In public adoption, adoptive parents typically have no contact with the biological parents.

In private adoption (sometimes called independent adoption), adoptive parents are more active in searching for a child and communicating with their biological parents. In this case, biological parents have often voluntarily placed their child for adoption and therefore have a bigger say in who adopts.

Since the DCF is not as involved, the fees for this process may be higher. However, private adoption comes with many advantages. For biological parents, these include:

  • Maintaining a sense of control over their child’s future by participating in the family selection process
  • Having the choice to maintain ongoing communication with the adoptive parents and the child, if/when appropriate
  • Peace of mind knowing their child is going to a loving family in a more secure and efficient manner

Adoptive parents also benefit because private adoptions offer greater flexibility in finding the right match, as well as more efficient processes (i.e. less rigid sequence of events, allowing you to multi-task and save time).

Types of Private Adoption

Unlike public adoption, private adoption allows greater choice and flexibility in the frequency and nature of communication between the biological parent(s) and the adoptive family.

The three main types of private adoptions are:

  1. Open: arrangement involving the most frequent level of communication, ranging from regular exchange of letters and photos to scheduled visitation.
  2. Semi-Open: less frequent/direct communication. Birth parents may receive letters, photos, and videos a few times a year and/or during the holidays.
  3. Closed: confidential or private arrangement. This type of adoption involves no contact between the biological family and the adoptive family.

Each of these types has varying degrees of contact, and details can be arranged or modified as circumstances change. As the adoptive parents, you may want frequent contact with the birth parents to keep them informed with regular updates. As the birth parent, photos or communication with your child might seem too painful, but you may realize later that you want and need this contact. In some cases, we’ve seen adoptive parents invited to the labor and birth of the child. In other cases, complete separation is what’s best for all parties.

Because every situation is unique, we respect the individual needs of each of our clients. Our adoption agency will help you decide which type of adoption is right for you and support you as you navigate the complexities of each procedure.

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If you need additional information before deciding whether this path is best for you and your family, we are available 24/7 to answer all your questions. Placing your child for adoption can be a stressful and highly emotional process, and adopting a child may be rife with its own uncertainties and challenges. When you work with Adoption Choices of Florida, we provide you with personalized, responsive, and compassionate support.

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