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Adoption Family FAQs

Adoption Family FAQs

Answers to Common Adoption Questions

Adopting a child is a loving act that creates a new kind of family. There’s a lot to learn about this process, and if you are planning to adopt you should learn everything you can about it. You will find some answers to common questions about the adoption process below.

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How do I start the adoption process?

To get started with the adoption process, contact Adoption Choices of Florida and let us know that you’re interested. We can direct you to the appropriate paperwork and schedule a meeting with our adoption counselors.

When will the child be placed with us?

This will depend on the adoption plan you created with us or the birth parents. In many cases, the child is placed with you in the hospital right after he or she is born. If this is not possible, the child will be placed with you within 48 hours of their birth.

Will I have a relationship with the birth parents?

This depends on your preferences and the specifics of your adoption plan. In an open adoption, adopting families and birth parents maintain direct contact with each other. They may even organize in-person visits.

In a semi-open adoption, the adopting parents and birth parents will meet before the birth and may exchange contact information. However, the last names and addresses of both parties remain confidential unless you both decide to exchange them. If you don’t, but would like to remain in contact, communication can be facilitated through our agency.

A closed adoption is one where birth parents and adoptive parents have no contact. Neither party knows each other and the records of the birth parents may be sealed to prevent any contact.

Will the birth parents have my personal information?

They can if you wish them to. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, we will do everything possible to keep your information confidential. However, some personal information may need to be revealed in medical or legal documents.

Can we adopt from your agency even though we don’t live in Florida?

Yes, we can organize adoptions for Florida-born babies throughout the United States.

What does adoption cost?

Adoption is admittedly an expensive process. You will be responsible for covering living and medical expenses for the birth mother, so you will need to start paying fees as soon as the contract is signed. This ensures that the birth mother and the baby can remain healthy and comfortable during the pregnancy.

What happens to the fees if the adoption fails for some reason?

If the adoption is discontinued for some reason, any fees that have not been spent will be returned to you, including the majority of the agency fee.

What is the ICPC?

The ICPC is an agreement between all regulates interstate adoptions. This agreement requires us to send copies of all relevant documents to stage offices for approval. This process typically takes 5 to 10 business days.

Whose names will be on the child’s birth certificate?

When the adoption is finalized in your home state, have your attorney send us a certified copy of the decree of the adoption. We will file it with the state, and they will send us a birth certificate with your names listed as the parent of the child.

Will it be a problem if the birth father is not participating?

If the father of the child is married to the mother, he should be notified by the court that someone is trying to terminate his parental rights. A hearing is then held, and if the father does not appear then his rights will most likely be forfeited.

If the father is not married to the mother, he must be notified of the attempt to terminate his parental rights. We must make an effort to locate the father and notify him if possible. If it is not possible to contact the father, then his rights parental rights will be terminated.

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