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4 Reasons to Choose Lesbian Moms as Adoptive Parent

4 Reasons to Choose Lesbian Moms as Adoptive Parent

4 Reasons to Choose Lesbian Moms as Adoptive Parent

Choosing the right adoptive parents for your child can be a difficult and overwhelming process. While on the process of thinking what kind of parents will be suitable for your child, have you considered choosing lesbian moms as adoptive parents? Many adoptive parents are lesbian mothers, which is great news for the adoption world, since it increases the possibility of more adoptions happening. Better yet, a majority of birth parents don’t hesitate over same-sex couples adopting their children.

Studies have shown that there were no differences among the children raised by heterosexual parents and lesbian mothers. Lesbian mothers have tons of reasons to be great adoptive parents to your child based on their experiences and ties to the LGBT+ community.

Ways Lesbian Moms make Great Adoptive Parents

1. Lesbian mothers can teach your child about diversity

Who better than lesbian mothers to teach your child values related to diversity? Lesbian adoptive mothers are more likely to have faced oppression or discrimination. Because of this, they have learned to take on the hardships and become stronger because of them. So, they can teach your child to be more accepting and that life doesn't always have to follow the norm.

As your child grows up, they can contribute to building a better generation of smarter and more accepting people. To be more open-minded and empathetic of everyone around them -- no matter their religion, race or sexual orientation.

2. Lesbian mothers will raise your child to be strong and confident

Many birth mothers believe that since lesbian mothers are from an underrepresented community, they’ve had the experiences in their lives to encourage her child to grow up confident. Having your child grow up in a household with confident adults will most likely result in your child growing up more confident, which is a wonderful quality to have, given that the lack of it can make your child have difficulties while growing up. Kids mimic what they see, which is why children grow up to be very similar to their parents. Having parents with amazing qualities such as confidence, can be very rewarding to your child.

3. Lesbian adoptive mothers choose to have kids

Because lesbian adoptive moms not being able to conceive naturally, they have thought and hard about how they want to grow their family. You can rest easy knowing that it wasn’t a decision they took lightly. This speaks volumes about their commitment and dedication when wanting to raise your child.

4. Lesbian adoptive mothers are more open to open adoptions

It is also very common for lesbian adoptive mothers to be more open towards open adoptions. If you are currently looking for a lesbian couple or individual to adopt your baby and prefer an open adoption, odds are you will find lesbian adoptive parents who will want to share an open adoption agreement with you.

Choosing Lesbian Moms as Adoptive Parents

There are plenty of great adoptive parents out there and, at the end of the day, you get to choose which ones you feel best suit your child. Whether you want your child to grow up with parents of a certain race, or raised by LGBT adoptive parents -- the possibilities are endless. Know that the choice is completely up to you!

If you think you would like lesbian mothers to adopt your child, you can let your adoption caseworker know. It may be the case that you might not know enough about their family dynamics, or maybe you’ve never met a lesbian couple or individual before. That’s quite alright! Consult with your adoption caseworker and ask what options you have to get to know your child’s adoptive parents after you choose them.

If you are a birth parent considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: 800-985-8108