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The Top 10 Different Types of Birth Mothers

The Top 10 Different Types of Birth Mothers in Florida

The Top 10 Different Types of Birth Mothers

With every adoption case comes a unique birth mother -- one with her own thoughts, opinions, life experiences and personal issues. Since birth mothers throughout the United States come from all walks of life, U.S. adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Florida, must be well-equipped and prepared to help any and all birth mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 

No matter who you are or what your situation is, your adoption agency should seek to help you in creating your child’s adoption plan, as well as to guide and support you throughout the adoption process. But remember, your agency cannot make major decisions for you. It’s up to you to make decisions that ensure your child’s health, well-being and happiness, and secure his or her future with the right adoptive family!  

10 Different Types of Birth Mothers

  1. Teen Moms

One of the most common types of birth mother that adoption agencies all throughout the U.S. encounter is the teenage birth mother. Teenage birth mothers seek out adoption agencies for a number of reasons, most commonly because they feel they have no one else to turn to for help. For teenage birth mothers, it’s very common to feel embarrassed and ashamed after becoming pregnant, especially because they’re at an age where they’re supposed to feel unstoppable. 

If you’re a teenager who’s experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, don’t hesitate to reach out. Raising a child can be especially challenging at such a young age, and you should feel no shame in making a decision that is within your child’s best interest!   

  1. Unmarried, Single, or First-Time Birth Mothers

Teenage birth mothers could be included in this category of birth mother, too, but this type of birth mother encompasses women of all ages who are single or unmarried and/or are pregnant for the first time. Often, single, unmarried women experiencing a first-time pregnancy choose adoption because they’re at a point in their life where being a mother just doesn't fit into their lifestyle. Commonly, these types of birth mothers are women who are at high or turning points in their career or are considering furthering their education. Whatever your reason, if you’re a first-time birth mother who feels she cannot raise her child, adoption may very well be worth considering!  

  1. Birth Mothers who are Married or in a Relationship

It’s not uncommon to see birth mothers who are dating, in a relationship, or who are already married seek guidance from an adoption agency. No matter what stage your relationship is at, if you and your significant other are not ready to raise a child, you always have the option to place your child for adoption. As difficult as it may be to choose this, it’s always most important to consider doing what’s in the best interest of your child!

  1. Unmarried or Single Birth Mothers who already have Children

Many birth mothers choose adoption because they already have a child or have multiple children already. Being single and unmarried with a child is never easy for a birth mother. So, if you’ve become pregnant again, don’t hesitate to contact an adoption agency nearest you! Again, placing a child for adoption is an extremely emotional decision, but your first priority should always be ensuring your child has the best life and every chance to have a better future.

  1. Married Birth Mothers who already have Children/A Family

For birth mothers who are married and have already started a family, becoming pregnant again may simply be too much, which may result in her and her family’s difficult decision to place the child for adoption. If you find yourself in this situation and are suffering with extreme feelings of guilt, it’s OK and it’s normal to feel this way, especially if you already have children. But as capable as you are providing the children you already have with love, care and support, that may not always be the case if you’ve become pregnant again. If you already have children, choosing to place another child for adoption is a highly emotional decision, but one that may very well be necessary.  

  1. Military Moms

Being a mother is hard when you’re in the military, which is why adoption is always an excellent choice if you’re a birth mother who’s decided you cannot raise a child and serve your country at the same time. Women in the military often make great mothers, but if you’re in the prime of your military career, there’s no shame in choosing that over parenthood. Like other career and education-oriented women, raising a child may not suit your lifestyle at this point in your life and that’s OK! 

  1. Birth Mothers who are in an Abusive Relationship or Unsafe Environment

Birth mothers often come to adoption agencies for help because they find themselves trapped in an abusive relationship and/or unsafe environment. These situations are unfortunate and increasingly common, but adoption agencies are here to help you if you're pregnant and struggling to get out of an unsafe situation. Birth mothers in cases like these are often left traumatized by their abusive experiences, which is why adoption agencies offer therapy, counseling and other resources to help you move forward in both your healing and adoption processes.    

  1. Survivors of Sexual Assault and Rape

A lot of birth mothers who become pregnant unexpectedly are survivors of sexual assault and rape. Women who go through this type of trauma often make the decision to place their children for adoption because doing so helps them to heal and move on. If you’ve become pregnant through a recent sexual assault, note that it can often take years to recover from such an awful, traumatizing experience. As a parent, you must prioritize your child’s needs above your own, however, it’s extremely important for survivors of sexual assault and rape to focus on the healing process. The decision is your own, but if you’ve become pregnant due to sexual assault, you may want to consider reaching out to an adoption agency for guidance.    

  1. Alcohol or Drug-Addicted Birth Mothers

Birth mothers struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol also come to adoption agencies for help. Most adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Florida, offer more resources than just those to help you create your child’s adoption plan and get all your adoption-related questions answered. For drug and alcohol-addicted birth mothers especially, adoption agencies can connect you with treatment centers with programs designed to help you and your child get healthy. Treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction aren’t easy, but are absolutely vital if you’re planning on placing your child for adoption. As trying as these programs may be, Adoption Choices of Florida will be there to support you every step of the way!

  1.  Homeless Birth Mothers

Homelessness is another common reason women choose adoption for their children. If you’ve become pregnant but are lacking a stable home -- or move between places often -- placing your child for adoption may be the best choice for him or her. Remember, you must always take into consideration your child’s best interest, no matter how hard it is to let him or her go. 

No matter which type of Birth Mother you are, Adoption Choices of Florida is here to help!

Every day, different types of birth mothers seek help from adoption agencies in hopes of giving their child a chance at a better life and a brighter future. Though you have decided not to raise your child, that doesn’t make it any easier to trust an agency filled with strangers to help you create an adoption plan for your child. 

It’s common to feel fear of being judged or rejected by an adoption agency. Those feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt are strong, though you have no reason to feel them. Again, no matter who you are and what your situation may be, the experts within our adoption agency are here to help you -- not to judge you or make you feel guilty. It’s not only their job to help you create a better life for your child, but also their passion. Just like you, they’re top priority is finding your child’s perfect adoptive family and building a better future for him or her!  

If you are a birth parent considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: 800-985-8108