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What is National Adoption Month and Why is it Important?

What is National Adoption Month and Why is it Important?

What is National Adoption Month and Why is it Important?

Every November, people all throughout the United States begin their preparations for the upcoming holidays and this year -- even amidst the global pandemic -- is no different. But November is so much more than a holiday kick-off. It also happens to be National Adoption Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the miracle that is adoption! 

Celebrating adoption is important for so many reasons. The adoption process in Florida helps children to find loving adoptive families, gives adoptive parents the chance to grow their family, and provides birth parents an alternative to raising a child they feel they aren’t ready for. National Adoption Month also recognizes adoption agencies and professionals, social workers, and other experts within the field of adoption for all the amazing work they do in helping birth parents and bringing children together with their adoptive families.

During National Adoption Month -- and the rest of the year, too -- it’s important for birth and adoptive families who’ve been through the adoption process, or professionals who work in the field of adoption, to highlight the many advantages of adoption. Though adoption has become much more widely accepted than it once was, there are still many people who view adoption negatively. It’s important for those who’ve been touched by adoption to advocate for the process and help eliminate the stigma that still surrounds it. There’s no shame in placing a child for adoption nor in choosing to adopt a child. Adoption is an incredible process that’s helped waiting children, birth and adoptive families throughout the United States, which should be recognized positively and appreciated!

How to Celebrate National Adoption Month in November 2020

In honor of National Adoption Month, Adoption Choices of Florida has created a brief list of ways you -- whether you’re an adoptee, a birth mother, an adoptive parent, or someone else -- can celebrate adoption! Remember, when celebrating National Adoption Month, it’s important to acknowledge what adoption has done for so many families and to show appreciation for the people who make adoption possible, but don’t forget to have fun!    

  1. Spend Time with Family

There’s nothing like spending time with your family, especially if you’re an adoptee hoping to celebrate National Adoption Month! Celebrate with your adoptive family AND your birth family -- if you’re in contact -- by doing something fun. Look through mementos kept from the adoption process, reminisce over old family photos, or enjoy a special meal as a family! 

  1. Donate to an Adoption Agency or a Charity that Supports Adoption

A lot of adoption agencies rely on donations from the community to continue their support for waiting children, birth mothers, and adoptive parents, and to pay the professionals who make adoption possible for so many families. You can help celebrate National Adoption by donating to an adoption agency of your choosing OR by donating your time to a charity that raises money for adoption agencies in the United States. 

  1. Be an Advocate and Raise Awareness

On a similar note, charities often host events that educate people about adoption and raise money for adoption agencies, so professionals in the field of adoption can continue helping children, birth mothers, and adoptive families. In order for events like these to be successful, they require the help of dedicated, passionate volunteers. What better way to celebrate National Adoption Month than to give back to your community and become an advocate for adoption? 

  1. Offer Information on Resources for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents

Remember, an important part of National Adoption Month is educating people about the adoption process. Adoption is for everyone. However, not all birth mothers and adoptive parents feel the adoption process is accessible to them. 

Nowadays, it’s easy for most people to jump online and do research, however, technology often provides us with an abundance of information, which can be overwhelming. If you’re an adoptee, a birth mother who placed her child for adoption, or the adoptive parent of a child, you can be a great resource to anyone interested in learning more about the adoption process. Often, people learn the best by listening to the personal experiences of others!

Celebrating the Importance of Family

There are many wonderful ways you can honor National Adoption Month this November 2020 -- so many, in fact, you may find it difficult to choose your celebratory activities! No matter what you choose to do, be sure to keep in mind what National Adoption Month is truly about -- the beauty and importance of family. If there’s one thing you should celebrate during National Adoption Month, it’s that. Regardless of how your family came together, family is family and having one is one of the greatest gifts of all! 

If you are a birth parent considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: 800-985-8108