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What is an Adoption Plan and Why Should You Create One as a Birth Mother?

What is an Adoption Plan and Why Should You Create One as a Birth Mother?

What is an Adoption Plan and Why Should You Create One as a Birth Mother?

Choosing to give your baby life is an important and incredibly selfless choice to make. It’s certainly not one that’s easy or to take lightly. Now that you’ve decided to place your baby for adoption, it’s time to figure out what to do next. Perhaps your adoption caseworker has introduced the concept of creating an adoption plan and why you should have one as a birth mother.

What is an adoption plan, you ask? Put simply,  it’s a plan that helps you navigate the adoption process and makes it less stressful. It gives you an outline of what to expect and puts all the hopes and wants you have for your baby down on paper. This, in the midst of all the emotions you may be experiencing, will greatly reduce your anxiety and guide you to  the best choices for him or her. 

Rest assured, adoption doesn’t mean the end of your relationship with your baby. There are many options out there where you can still be part of your baby’s life and see how they are growing. This is why putting together an adoption plan is so important. 

What is an Adoption Plan?

1. Research How to Create an Adoption Plan

You first want to make sure you are doing your research. If you haven’t already, this may be furthering researching and selecting the adoption agency you want to work with. This is an essential step, as you’ll want an adoption agency that offers what you need and has your best interests at heart. Adoption Choices of Florida, for instance, has many resources to help you throughout your pregnancy and the process of adoption. 

When it comes to your adoption plan specifically, you’ll want to research all that it entails. Research what kind of adoptions choices you have -- from no contact to being in the life of your baby as they grow and learn. Look up the prospective adoptive families you would like to have your baby go to. What kind of home are you wanting your child to go to and be raised in? What would you like your hospital experience to be like? Who do you want with you during delivery and afterwards? Gather as much information as you can about what you want will help you with the adoption planning process overall.

2. What kind of Adoptive Family do You want?

Figuring out what you want for your baby can be confusing and overwhelming -- especially when it comes to choosing what kind of adoptive family you want for him or her. Who should you choose? What will the adoptive family be like? Would you be open to considering a single parent, or a couple or individual who is transracial or LGBT? Do you want an adoptive family with other kids, or a family looking for their first baby?

These questions and many more are a great way to start figuring out what you want in an adoptive family. Thinking about what you want your baby to experience as they grow will guide you in choosing an adoptive family who you can feel comfortable with and believe in. The choice is always yours.

Why You Should Create an Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother

1. An Adoption Plan helps You Prepare

Getting ready to give your baby a new life can be emotional and stressful. After all, you are giving your baby the best plan possible for a happy and healthy life when choosing adoption. With this weighing on you, remember you have help here at Adoption Choices of Florida. We provide adoption counseling and support, and  strongly encourage you to take full advantage of these services to help reduce the stress and fears that come with adoption. As the birth mother, many things may be concerning you, and you will need extra help processing everything. Know that we are here for you and will walk with every step of the way!

2. An Adoption Plan ensures Your Child’s Future 

Adoption isn’t giving up your baby, but providing your baby a life plan of their own. A plan which will help lead them to a happy, healthy and loving home. So, be sure to include  your hopes and needs for your child, and to communicate this to their adoptive family when you meet them. How involved you want to be and what you want to get out of it. It is okay to choose not to be part of your baby’s life and if you choose to be in their life, there is a plan for that as well. The choice is always yours in what you want to do and how you want to proceed with the adoption. 

What is an Adoption Plan?

The road to adoption is long and hard, but you don’t have to do it alone anymore. Adoption Choices of Florida is here to take every step with you and help you along the path of adoption. No longer do you need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about the choice of adoption. 

With an adoption plan as a birth mother, you are not only showing how much you love your baby by giving them life, but you are also ensuring that he or she will have a better and brighter future. That they will be loved, cared for and supported. Having all of this in place can help you feel more secure in your choice. 

If you are a birth parent considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: 800-985-8108