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I’m Pregnant Again: Can I Use the Same Adoption Agency?

I’m Pregnant Again: Can I Use the Same Adoption Agency?

I’m Pregnant Again: Can I Use the Same Adoption Agency?

Placing a child for adoption is one of the toughest decisions a woman may have to make in her lifetime and, sometimes, it’s a decision she has to make a second or third time. But whether it’s a birth mother’s first, second or third unplanned pregnancy, choosing to place a child for adoption is never an easy decision to make and one she needs a little guidance in.

Birth mothers often wonder -- if they were to get pregnant again -- whether or not they’re allowed to place another child for adoption with the adoption agency they used previously. This is both an excellent question and a common one, which is why Adoption Choices of Florida has dedicated an entire blog -- or two! -- to answering this question for birth mothers who are experiencing another unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for this child as well.   

Using the Same Adoption Agency Again

So, Can I Really Use the Same Adoption Agency as Before?

The answer to this question is simple -- yes, you can! Placing another child for adoption for the same adoption agency is more than okay. In fact, it’s often encouraged! If you’re wondering why, you’ve stumbled upon another great question. It isn’t always the case that siblings or children who are related get adopted together, which is extremely unfortunate. So, when a birth mother returns to an adoption agency experiencing another unplanned pregnancy, it’s common for adoption agencies to reach out to the first child’s adoptive family to see if they’re interested in adopting their child’s sibling.

More often than not, adoptive parents are thrilled at the idea of adopting their child’s sibling. At first, discovering you’re pregnant again might come as a shock, however, that shock will quickly turn to excitement if you choose them to be this child’s adoptive parents, too. As will be discussed, going through the adoption process again can be tough, but knowing there’s a high chance another one of your children will be adopted by a family you already know can be both a comfort and a relief.    

Going Through the Adoption Process Again

If you’re going currently experiencing another unplanned pregnancy, you’re more than likely going through all the same emotions as the first time around -- guilt, shame, and embarrassment. A second or third unplanned pregnancy can be just as scary and stressful for birth mothers as the first one. However, since you’ve been through the adoption process before, you’ve likely got a good idea of what to expect. That said, you must keep in mind that every adoption case is different, even in cases involving siblings! 

Again, every adoption case has its own unique ups and downs, but your child’s adoption process should be similar to that of your first child’s -- even more so if you work with the same adoption agency and reach out to your first child’s adoptive family. At most adoption agencies-- like Adoption Choices of Florida -- the adoption process generally follows an identical, step-by-step procedure. Your adoption agency should, of course, walk you through each of these steps to ensure you fully understand the adoption process, even though you’ve already been through it.

You can Place with the Same Adoption Agency

Your adoption agency -- whether it’s Adoption Choices of Florida or somewhere else -- should be there for you throughout the entire duration of your adoption process, and after, too. Most adoption agencies have more than enough financial, counseling, and adoption-related resources to support you because even after your child’s adoption has been finalized, the process never truly ends. Whether you’re involved in your child’s life or not, adoption changes your life and you’ll always have emotions tied to the decision you made. Expressing your thoughts and feelings will play an important role in you getting back on your feet, getting back to routine, and moving forward with your life with a healthy, positive mindset.

For more information on placing another child for adoption, please visit Adoption Choices of Florida’s blog on placing a second child for adoption with the same agency in Florida.   

If you are a birth parent considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: 800-985-8108