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How to Celebrate Birth Mothers During National Adoption Month

How to Celebrate Birth Mothers During National Adoption Month

The month of November is widely-regarded as the official kick-off of the year’s best holidays, since most people enjoy spending time with family and friends during the holiday season. But did you know that November is also widely-recognized as National Adoption Month? During National Adoption Month, adoptees, birth families and adoptive families alike recognize the importance of adoption and the impact adoption has had on families all across the United States. National Adoption Month also takes the time to acknowledge the many hard-working professionals who help to make adoption possible.

But if there’s one group of people who truly deserves to be thanked during National Adoption Month -- the many selfless birth mothers all throughout the United States who choose to place their children for adoption. It’s thanks to these women that adoption is truly possible. When a birth mother chooses to place her child for adoption, she’s determined that perhaps there’s another person or family out there who can give her child a better life than she can. Because of the women who make this selfless decision, more and more families are given the opportunity to enjoy the true joys of parenthood, which is a gift unlike any other.  

How to Celebrate Birth Mothers this November

1. Celebrating Birth Mothers Who ARE Involved in Their Child’s Life

  • Give Her a Special Gift

What better way to celebrate the birth mother in your life than by giving her a special gift? Gift-giving is one the best ways to celebrate birth mothers during National Adoption Month. Picking out the perfect gift isn’t always easy, so if you’re struggling to find just the right thing, think about her interests and hobbies, and go from there. You could also choose to give her something custom, or even something handmade by you! Gather photos of you together or old mementos from the adoption process and put together a personalized photo or memory book -- just for her! 

  • Spend Time Together by...

    • Doing Something that She likes to do

Celebrating the birth mother in your life during National Adoption Month is as simple as allowing her to choose what she wants to do! Most birth mothers simply look forward to spending time with their child and their child’s adoptive family. But if there’s something specific she wants to do, show your enthusiasm and offer to accompany her! Is she itching to go on a shopping spree? Is there a new movie coming out that she’s looking forward to seeing? Maybe she just wants to grab a coffee and take a stroll around the park? But again, no matter what you decide to do, she’s more than likely just looking forward to hanging out with you!

    • Planning Something Fun to do

During National Adoption Month, most birth mothers -- again --  are more than happy with the idea of simply spending time with their child and their child’s adoptive family. But this year, if you really want to show the birth mother in your life a little extra love and appreciation, try planning a special dinner at her favorite restaurant or organizing a family fun night, complete with yummy snacks, board games, and a collection of her favorite movies!

2. Celebrating Birth Mothers Who ARE NOT Involved in Their Child’s Life 

  • Recognize and Acknowledge What She’s Done for You

It’s not uncommon for adoptees and their adoptive families to not be in contact with the birth mother -- or any birth family, for that matter. But regardless of whether the birth mother is involved or not, it’s still important to recognize her and the difficult, selfless decision she made that brought you to where you are today. It might feel strange trying to celebrate a birth mother who isn’t a part of your life, but often it’s as simple as just having a conversation. Acknowledge that her decision was more than likely a very difficult one, but also one that was selfless and brave, and be sure to show each other how much you love each other and how grateful you are to be a family. 

  • Do Something in Honor of Her

Helping others and giving back to your community are both excellent ways to honor the birth mother you aren’t in contact with and to celebrate National Adoption Month this November. Birth mothers who choose adoption help so many families to grow and experience parenthood, so it makes perfect sense to give back and help out others during National Adoption Month. To recognize and honor your birth mother, donate to your local adoption agency, volunteer at a charity of your choosing, or drop off food, clothing, and/or toiletries at an organization that collects these necessities for communities in need.  

  • Write Her a Letter (even if she doesn’t read it!)

For most adoptees and adoptive families, National Adoption Month is an emotional time, but it can be especially difficult for those who aren’t in contact with their or their child’s birth mother. Again, it can feel strange trying to celebrate someone who’s not a part of your life. But if you’re still interested in celebrating or honoring the birth mother in some way, writing her a letter is a great way to keep her in your memory, as well as to help you organize your thoughts and cope with the complex emotions you’re feeling at this time. 

Remember, even if you do meet or come in contact with your or your child’s birth mother in the future, this letter is yours and you do not have to share it with her, or with anyone else for that matter!

Celebrate National Adoption Month… By Educating Others!

National Adoption Month is so much more than celebration of adoption, the members of the adoption triad, and the professionals who help make adoption possible -- it’s also an opportunity to raise awareness and to educate people about the advantages of adoption. If you’re an adoptee, a birth mother, an adoptive parent, or an expert within the field, this November, you have the chance to educate others about your own personal experience(s) with adoption. And when it comes to educating others, personal experience is one of the greatest teachers.

That said, you don’t have to share your experiences with others -- to many, adoption is a very personal experience. But if you do, your voice will join the many others who work hard to raise awareness about adoption and bring attention to all the beautiful families who’ve been given the opportunity to grow because of adoption.

If you are a birth parent considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: 800-985-8108