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Choosing an Adoption Agency

Whether you are an expectant mother considering adoption or a prospective adoptive parents hoping to adopt, you need to start somewhere. The best place to start is with Adoption Choices of Florida and here’s why! We are real people, just like you! Many of us have personal experience with adoption as well as higher learner, years of experience and the expertise to serve you through the adoption process.

We are licensed by the State of Florida to provide professional, full-service adoption assistance statewide.
We know that you are seeking our help during a time of crisis, and our goal is meet your needs and address your concerns quickly and with compassion. 

We understand that every family, and every adoption plan, is unique.
We do not have cookie cutter adoption plans or a one size fits all mentality. We work closely with adoptive parents AND birth parents to help you make an adoption plan that meets your needs. Our relationship with you comes with care and compassion.

We proudly assist lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and couples.
Our agency is honored that you have chosen to gather more information on us and our services. The home study process and the application process is the same for all those applying with our agency.

Expectant Parents, here are more reasons why to choose us: we provide: A personal counselor to provide helpful, friendly, compassionate advice and meet you exactly where you are; Assistance with living and medical expenses during pregnancy; Freedom to choose the adoptive family you want and design a personalized birth and adoption plan; Consultation with an independent attorney; We have qualified adoption counselors across Florida who are waiting to serve you.

Adoptive Parents, we know that deciding to adopt is not an easy choice, and finding an agency to help make your adoption journey a success can be difficult. At Adoption Choices of Florida, we have helped loving families from coast to coast achieve their dream of parenthood. We will help you prepare for an adoption plan and will support you throughout the adoption process. To help you build your family, here are some more of the services we provide:

  1. Adoption education that will clearly explain the adoption process, and help you make the adoption plan that is right for you
  2. Create an adoptive parent profile that will reflect your commitment to making or growing your family
  3. Provide a thorough home study that meets Texas and interstate requirements
  4. Full-service adoption placement
  5. Post adoption support to guide you through the legal process of making a permanent addition to your family

Additionally, we work with parents in almost every state to help you grow your families!

It’s simple – call or text us! 800-985-8108