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How to Celebrate Birth Fathers this Father’s Day

How to Celebrate Birth Fathers this Father’s Day

Having a child is, considered by many, the greatest gift of all. For people who choose to adopt, this choice is made with the hope of growing their family. Most adoptive families recognize the importance of celebrating their child’s birth mother, but often don’t think about celebrating their child’s birth father, most likely because women are more likely to go through the adoption process alone. But even if a birth father chooses not to go through the adoption process, he usually must still consent to placing his child for adoption, which is one of the most selfless decisions a person can make. 

Whether a birth father is a part of his child’s life or not, it’s important for him to be celebrated on Father’s Day because he, just like the birth mother, has done what is in the best interest of the child. He has also given another family the opportunity to grow, love and care for that child.

Celebrating Birth Fathers

If you’re wondering how you can celebrate your child’s birth father this Father’s Day, don’t worry! There are many ways to celebrate him, whether he’s a part of your life or not. Remember, even if he’s not involved in your life, it’s still important to recognize the decision he made for his child, and the opportunity he gave to his child’s adoptive family!

  1. Celebrating Birth Fathers who ARE a part of your life

  • Get Him Something Special - One of the best ways to remind the birth father in your life of his importance to you is by getting him a special gift! Gift shopping isn't always easy, but think about your birth father’s personality. Think about his hobbies and interests. These things can be helpful when picking out the perfect gift for him, especially if you decide to get him something personal or custom-made! Read more about how to find the right gift for the birth father in your life here.

  • Do Something He wants to do -  Celebrate the birth father in your life by letting him choose what he wants to do on Father’s Day! Does he want to go to dinner? See a movie? Go fishing? Just hang out at home with you? Nothing shows your love and support for him like doing something he wants to do or joining him in his favorite activity! Remember, it’s the simplest acts that often matter the most to others! 

  • Plan Something Fun - Again, take advantage of what you know about your birth father’s personality, hobbies and interests to help you make this Father’s Day extra special for your birth father! Plan a backyard barbeque, go on a picnic together or even take a day trip somewhere fun! Keep it simple or go all out. Either way, make sure you do something to show him how much he means to you.

  1. Celebrating Birth Fathers who ARE NOT a part of your life

  • Acknowledge what He’s done for His Child and the Adoptive Family - Regardless of that fact that your birth father or your child’s birth father is not involved in your life, it’s important to recognize that he’s given his child the chance to have a better future, a couple the chance to be parents and a family the chance to continue to grow. Simply by acknowledging a birth father’s decision to place his child for adoption and give someone else the chance to build their family is an excellent way to celebrate and honor him on Father’s Day. 

  • Do Something in Honor of Him - Find a way to give back to your community in honor of your child’s birth father this Father’s Day! Donate to a charity of your choosing, drop off food at your local food shelf, volunteer to walk the dogs at a nearby animal shelter or find some other way of showing support and helping others. 

  • Write Him a Letter - Even if he never reads it, writing a letter to your birth father or your child’s birth father on Father’s Day is an excellent way to honor and remember him, and the decision he made that brought you to your adoptive family or your child to you. It’s also a great way for you to organize your thoughts and better understand your feelings toward him! 

Birth Father and this upcoming Father’s Day  

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s extremely important to recognize and remember birth fathers! Whether he’s part of your life or not, he’s an extremely important figure in the adoption process that you went through to get where you are today. Similar with the adoption process. Whether he went through it with you or not, he still had a voice in the decision to place his child for adoption. 

Choosing adoption is one of the most difficult, emotional and selfless decisions a person could ever make. A birth father’s decision to do so shouldn’t go unnoticed! So, again, regardless of whether your birth father or your child’s birth father is in your life or not, make sure you do all that you can to honor and remember him this Father’s Day, for he has helped to bring you and your family together.

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