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Gift Ideas for the Birth Father in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Birth Father in Your Life

With Father’s Day just around the corner, children who have been adopted often wonder, “How can I celebrate my birth father?” Adoptive families, likewise, may be curious about how they can celebrate their child’s birth father on this special day. Whoever you are in the adoption triad, it’s important to remember birth fathers in the adoption process, making Father’s Day the perfect opportunity to remind him of the significance of his role. Birth fathers are commonly left out of conversations about adoption, so it’s extra important if he’s a part of your life to show your appreciation for him on Father’s Day. 

One of the best ways to remind someone of their importance to you is by giving them a special gift. However, gift shopping can be tricky. Some people are easier to shop for, others are not. So, when you’re gift shopping for the birth father in your life, think about his personality, hobbies and interests. Personalizing a gift for him is a great way to show him how much you appreciate and care for him.

Gift Ideas for Birth Fathers

  1. Something Personalized

Customizing a gift specifically for the birth father in your life is always a great idea! Use what you know about him to get him the perfect gift. What does he like to do? What does he value in life? The best part about personalized gifts is that the possibilities are unlimited. They can include anywhere from custom-made wrist watches to mugs or keychains. Nowadays, almost anything can be customized or specially made, so it’s just a matter of deciding what would best show your appreciation for the birth father in your life! 

  1. A Framed Photo

Giving a framed photo of his child to the birth father is a simple, yet meaningful gift! If the birth father, his child and the adoptive family maintain contact after the adoption is finalized, the child’s adoptive family can send the birth father new photos to switch out in the frame. This way, even though he’s not parenting the child himself or if he doesn’t see the child that often, he can still watch his child grow up! 

  1. A Photo Album or a Memory Book

A picture is worth a thousand words, so what’s a book full of pictures worth? Creating a photo album or memory book as a gift for the birth father in your life is another simple and impactful way to show your appreciation for him. Going through the adoption process can have it’s emotional ups and downs, but a photo album or memory book that emphasizes the ups can make for a wonderful gift for a birth father. In addition to photos, you could also include emails and text messages sent back and forth, a log of important dates and any other little mementos or trinkets that bring back positive memories! 

Remember, every adoption process is unique, so giving the birth father a photo or memory book that catalogs that uniqueness and shows him the significance of his role throughout the adoption process will show how much you care for him and how much he means to you. At the end of the book, you could even leave some blank pages for him to add new photos and memories later on!

  1. A Book on a Hobby or Interest of His

Another great gift idea for the birth father in your life is to get him a special book on one of his hobbies or interests! If you know he really likes fishing, head to your nearest bookstore and find him a book on types of fish! To make the book even more special, consider writing a brief, thoughtful note on the inside cover telling him how important he is to you. Remember, the adoption process can be just as emotional for a birth father as a birth mother, so it’s important for him to continue with his hobbies and interests, as they will help him cope and get through the more difficult times! 

  1. Gifts Cards

Sometimes, people like to pick out their own things, and that’s okay! A lot of people argue that gift cards are impersonal; however, if you know the birth father in your life likes a particular store, but you’re unsure of exactly what he’s looking for, getting him a gift card or certificate so he can choose what he wants himself is an excellent idea! 

For the Birth Father in Your Life

Birth fathers are all too often left out of conversations when it comes to  adoption. Birth mothers are more likely to go through the adoption process alone. Remember that there are birth fathers who have gone through the process and who continue to be a part of their child’s life. As Father’s Day approaches, it’s incredibly important to celebrate birth fathers, whether they’re in your life or not.

For those who are a part of their child’s life, giving him a special gift is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for him.After all, he kept his child’s best interest and gave the gift of parenthood to his child’s adoptive family. As much as we remember the importance of birth mothers, we must also recognize the importance of birth fathers in the adoption process because it is often just as emotional of a process for them as it is for birth mothers.    

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