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Adoption Success Tips for LGBT Parents

Adoption Success Tips for LGBT Parents

If you’re an LGBT person or couple considering adoption, you’re on the path to making one of the most incredible, life-changing decisions! Not only will you be changing your life, but you’ll also be changing the life of a child who's been waiting for just the right family, which could be you! Adoption is no easy feat, which is why it’s extremely important for you to do your research. As a LGBT person or couple, you may face struggles throughout the adoption process that heterosexual couples do not. 

In the face of the tough times you’re bound to go through during the adoption process, it’s important to remain patient. Of course, this is easier said than done, but remember that the adoption process isn’t a simple one to begin with. And just think! By the time you finalize the adoption, you’ll have learned and prepared so much that you’ll be off to an wonderful start toward being the best parent you can be for your child!

A Guide to a Successful LGBT Adoption

  1. Before you move forward with adoption, you must first choose which type of adoption is best for you! There are three types of adoption: Open, semi-open and closed adoption. For more information on each of the three types: (link to my blog post on the three types of adoption here). Once you choose which type of adoption you want, you, with the help of experts at Adoption Choices of Florida, can create an adoption plan and take the first steps toward growing your family! 

  1. Communication is an extremely important part of the adoption process, especially if you opt for an open or semi-open adoption. In open and semi-open adoptions, communication between the adoption triad is encouraged! Additionally, communication must go beyond conversations about adoption. It’s important for each party within the adoption triad to get to know each other, as this will lead to a better understanding of one another! Once you’ve gotten to know and understand each other, another important part of communication within the triad comes into play. You must be able to be vulnerable with each other, meaning you must be able to express your emotions to one another. Doing so can be difficult, especially in the beginning, but once you move past the awkwardness, your relationships with the other members of the adoption triad will only get stronger!   

  2. LGBT people and couples hoping to adopt are likely to have more hurdles to overcome throughout the adoption process than heterosexual couples hoping to adopt. Unfortunately, this is an unfair reality that touches more areas than just adoption! It’s recommended for anyone within the LGBT community hoping to adopt to find a strong support system of other LGBT folks going through the adoption process as well. It can be helpful to know that you’re not alone in your struggles and frustrations with the process, that there are others out there who feel the same way as you! Support groups can also be beneficial during the highlights of the adoption process. It’s a wonderful feeling when you have others who can show their love and support for you in moments of happiness and excitement! 

  3. As a LGBT person or couple, you’re probably no stranger to discrimination. When you become an LGBT parent, you’ll be given the opportunity to raise your child to be loving, understanding and accepting of ALL people. People are different, in terms of gender, skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, life experiences and so on! There’s nothing wrong with this, obviously, but not all people feel that way. At the end of the day, we’re all people. Of course, heterosexual parents can raise their children to be accepting of others, but studies have shown that children who grow up in a home with same-sex parents are generally more open-minded!  

  4. Patience cannot be emphasized enough, especially for LGBT folks who are more likely to have a longer adoption process! On a similar note, it’s important to stay positive and never give up! Though your process of adopting a child may take longer than the normal time length, the process will come to an end. It's important, too, if you opt for an open or semi-open adoption, to understand that your relationships with the other parties of the adoption triad won’t happen overnight. Remember, in any relationship, it takes time to build up trust with each other. Start with simply getting to know the basics about each other before getting into more serious conversations!

You’re Going to be a Great Parent! 

As adoption becomes more common, so does LGBT adoption! This is wonderful news, considering the number of children waiting to be adopted in the United States. Yes, the adoption process can take longer for LGBT parents hoping to adopt, but don’t give up! Regardless of what many people believe, the ability to be a good parent to a child has nothing to do with one’s sexuality or sexual orientation. There are many different qualities that make a person a good parent, but most of all, you must be loving, caring and accepting of your child no matter what! As a community who has not always been accepted for who they are, LGBT folks have always been incredibly accepting of others. Similarly, many waiting children have also struggled with feeling unloved or unaccepted. With that being said, who better to give love and show acceptance to a waiting child than an LGBT person or couple? 

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