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unplanned pregnancy Florida

Adoption in Florida

Adoption in Florida

Adoption is a legal process which transfers parental responsibility from the child’s birth parents to their adoptive parents. Expectant women might choose adoption if she's facing an unplanned, unexpected, or unwanted pregnancy. 

How can adoption be good for my baby and me?

Adoption is a very loving and unselfish decision. There are many women, of all ages, who have an unplanned pregnancy, and do not feel they are ready to parent. They know there are countless couples who cannot conceive a child, and who have a loving home ready for a child. The greatest dream of these couples is to be parents and make a child the center of their lives, as every child deserves.

If you are not ready to be a parent, you can still give your baby the gift of life by choosing adoption. We will work with you to select a stable, loving family to care for your baby. After birth, you can see your baby, name your baby, and spend time with your baby. If you so choose, you can get updates on your child's progress or have ongoing visits throughout your child's life while you continue your education or career goals. Finally, you can be proud that you chose life for your baby.

Does the birth mother have to pay legal fees or expenses?

No. All fees and expenses, including medical expenses, are paid by the prospective adoptive parents. The birth mother is not required to pay anything.

Is the birth mother required to appear in court?

No, unless the Indian Child Welfare Act applies.

How much financial assistance may the birth mother receive?

A birth mother is permitted to receive financial assistance for her actual living and medical expenses during the term of the pregnancy and for a period after the child is born, not to exceed six weeks. This includes OB and hospital care, prescription medications, counseling, living expenses (rent, food, phone, utilities, toiletries), insurance, clothing and transportation. 

Can the birth mother choose the adoptive parents?

Yes. A birth mother is encouraged to specify the characteristics of the family (age, religion, hobbies, length of marriage, etc.) she prefers to raise her baby. She may speak with the adoptive family by telephone or meet them in person and ask questions, so she feels assured that she has chosen the perfect family for her baby. The birth mother is also encouraged to freely communicate with the adoptive parents throughout the pregnancy, through either personal meetings or by letter and telephone. Through communication, a warm bond can be established between the birth mother and her chosen family.

What is an open adoption?

Many different relationships may develop between the birth mother and the adoptive family. In closed adoptions, the birth mother chooses to have little or no information about the adoptive parents and the adoptive parents receive little information about the birth mother. The birth mother may choose to delegate the selection of the adoptive family to the adoption professional.

In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents exchange comprehensive information. The birth mother receives a family profile and pictures of the adoptive parents, as well as non-identifying information about the adoptive parents' marriage, education, career, religion, hobbies and interests. The adoptive parents receive family, medical and social information about the birth mother. In addition, the birth mother may prepare letters or a scrapbook for the adoptive family to share with the child.

What are my rights?

  • The right to participate in all phases of adoption planning.
  • The right to counseling.
  • The right to request financial assistance (within the limits of the law) with adoption and pregnancy related expenses; such as medical care, maternity clothes, housing, transportation and counseling services.
  • The right to have an independent lawyer represent your interests, if you desire.
  • The right to meet and interview as many prospective families as you choose, in order to make the best decision for you and your baby.
  • The right to ask questions of the adopting family, and to receive information before deciding to place your child with them.
  • The right to select the family who will raise your child..The right to an open and honest relationship with the adopting family.
  • The right to receive ongoing counseling and continuous support throughout the adoption process and following the birth of your baby.
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect for your selfless and loving decision.

Our adoption specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions, discuss your options, and help you make the decision that is best for you and your baby. Call, text, chat, or email us anytime, day or night!

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