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5 Benefits of LGBT Adoption

5 Benefits of LGBT Adoption

5 Benefits of LGBT Adoption

As society has become more open-minded, the number of LGBT adoptions in the United States has increased. Similarly, it’s also becoming more common for birth parents to select an LGBT person or couple to parent and raise their child. Considering the number of waiting children there are in the United States, this increase in LGBT adoption is wonderful! For many years, and still in today’s society, people frowned upon LGBT adoption, believing that the only way a child could be raised properly was in a two-parent, mother-father home. Again, as society has progressed and LGBT adoption has become more common, more and more people are starting to realize that the ability to be a good parent has nothing to do with the sexuality or sexual orientation of a child’s parent or parents!

Advantages of LGBT Adoption

  1. Opportunity to Educate

The LGBT community, unfortunately, faces a lot of discrimination from others. When an LGBT person or couple chooses adoption, they’re presented with an incredible opportunity: to teach their child about the importance of loving and accepting others for who they are, as well as educating them about equality! You may be thinking, “Well, there are heterosexual parents who teach those things to their children, too.” Yes, this is true. However, heterosexual couples have not and will not face the discrimination that the LGBT community faces on a daily basis. LGBT parents can provide their children with a different perspective than heterosexual parents can: a perspective based on their own experiences and the experiences of others within their community. Sure, heterosexual parents can educate themselves on the discrimination that the LGBT community faces and teach their children the importance of love, acceptance and equality. But LGBT parents can do the same thing using their own experiences, which is one of the greatest teachers out there!

  1. Acceptance and Open-Mindedness

On a similar note, studies have shown that children who are raised by an LGBT parent or parents are more likely to be empathetic, open-minded and accepting. This is because LGBT parents are more likely to teach their children about loving others and accepting differences. Again, heterosexual parents are capable of teaching the importance of these things to their children, too, but they’re also less likely to have had exposure to diversity and difference people and will also never experience the discrimination that the LGBT community encounters everyday. Exposure and experience are important, especially when it comes to teaching children about the importance of loving and accepting others and their differences! LGBT parents, since they are more likely to experience discrimination, are more likely to seek out groups of people who also understand how discrimination feels. These groups are often more diverse, exposing LGBT parents to different people and giving them further insight on the importance of appreciating and accepting others for who they are!

  1. Advocates for Equality

Because children who are raised by LGBT parents are more likely to be receptive to differences, it’s also more common for them to become advocates for equality and social justice! This, again, probably stems from the fact that LGBT parents are just more likely to educate their children about acceptance. It’s also more common for LGBT parents and their children to have open conversations about the importance of acceptance and equality, especially because people within the LGBT community are less likely to be accepted and to receive fair and equal treatment from others. It’s important to note that the sooner these conversations start and the more frequent they are, the better. Children raised by LGBT parents often get teased or bullied by their peers, so it’s extremely important to teach children how to properly defend against and respond to that negativity!

  1. Decrease in Waiting Children

As society has slowly progressed, there’s been an increase in the number of LGBT people and parents who choose to expand their family through adoption, which is excellent news for the many waiting children in the United States. The sooner the child is welcomed into a family who will love, care for and support them, and the adoption is finalized, the better! For children, having one parent or two -- LGBT, heterosexual, single or married -- is better than having no parents at all!

  1. Ready to Embrace Parenthood

While others have the opportunity to grow a family on their own LGBT couples and individuals have to make a more conscious decision to become parents as they can’t conceive naturally. This shows that they have planned, saved and thought long and hard about parenthood. That they are ready to fully commit and give your child the best life possible!      

Good Parenting is about Love, Not Sexual Orientation!

What good parenting comes down to is: the ability to love, care for and support a child, no matter what! Sexuality and sexual orientation have nothing to do with a person’s ability to raise a child well and, in fact, numerous studies have proven this. Remember, too, that children who are raised by an LGBT parent or LGBT parents actually tend to be more open-minded because their parents are more likely to teach them the importance of love and acceptance. Teaching children to love others and to appreciate each other’s differences is a form of love, further proving that it’s love, not sexuality or sexual orientation, that makes someone a great parent!