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Choosing an older couple to adopt your baby

At first glance, adoption may seem like only a “younger person” gig. Look at most advertisements and media representation, and most likely, you will find relatively younger couples or single parents. However, this is not necessarily representative of all people who adopt. In 2016, there were 222 reported adoptions in Florida, 396 in Texas,  and 56 in Arizona. The total number of adoptions within all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico, in 2016 was 5,372, according to the Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption (2016). While there are a wide variety of people adopting as represented through the statistics, it seems unrealistic to imagine all 5,372 adoptive parents being under the age of 50, especially since the United States Census of 2018 recorded 3 million citizens over the age of 65.

Dear Older Couples: Why should you want to adopt? You are valid! Regardless of the lack of media representation, older couples are needed to be adoptive parents just as much as younger people. If you find yourself outside of a possible child-bearing age, adoption is a perfect solution to wanting to give a child a home. If you feel called to be adoptive parents, call Adoption Choices of Florida today, as we can help you realize your dream.

Dear Older Couples: What are some tips? First of all, you will want to be sure adoption is what you want to move forward with – this will depend on a multitude of things, including health and financial status, and this applies to all potential adoptive parents.

If you decide you are able to continue with adoption, for this experience, make sure to keep the experience you’ve had throughout your life regarding raising children, if you have it. If not, don’t worry. Adoption Choices of Florida can provide education regarding adoption for couples or single parents looking to adopt that can be incredibly beneficial. These, along with the help Adoption Choices of Florida representatives are more than happy to assist you with, will be valuable lifelines if needed during the adoption process. Reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida any time to discuss your unique adoption plan.

Dear Birth Parents: Why should/could you choose an older couple or person as prospective adoptive parents? You should consider choosing an older couple to be prospective adoptive parents for the place baby in your adoption because they have most likely lived a multitude of experiences, and could possibly have more expertise in raising a child. This is not always the case, however, as all people can have a variety of experiences, no matter what their age. Considering an older couple or person to adopt the place baby should be as easy as choosing a younger couple, as long as you trust them and know they can provide a safe and loving home.

One reason older couples want to adopt just as much as younger ones is because we all have a desire of fulfilment in our lives, and this is no exception in the case of older adoption. Unfortunately, due to a lack of representation, this is often overlooked and older people are often not seen adopting as often as younger people. Adoption Choices of Florida wants to help older adoptive parents decide if adoption is right for them, and help birth parents realize why they should consider choosing an older couple as adoptive parents.