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Choosing Adoption After Your Baby is Born

Choosing Adoption After Your Baby is Born

Sometimes the unexpected happens. You envision your life as a parent as a new adventure, but then life throws you something you didn’t plan for. Parenting is expected to be a step in everyone’s life, but maybe it’s not right for you. That’s ok! As many of us have heard before, kids don’t come with instruction manuals, and sometimes birth mothers realize that parenting is not for them or it is just not the right moment. Some women realize this a bit later than they wanted, like after having the baby. 

If you’re thinking about choosing adoption after your baby is born, it is definitely possible, even months after having the baby.

Step 1: Speak with an Adoption Professional

It is an understatement to say that choosing adoption for your child is a big decision. That’s why the first step of the process for doing so is to speak with a counselor or an adoption professional to ensure that you are making the right choice for yourself and for your baby. In order to do this, you can contact us at Adoption Choices of Florida to talk to one of our Birth Parent Counselors. If you just gave birth to your child, you can notify the hospital staff and a hospital social worker will contact an adoption agency to start the counseling process. 

There will be many types of topics you discuss with your counselor. The counselor or adoption professional will not only help you determine if adoption is the right choice for your baby, but they will also help you figure out what kind of adoption suits you, how involved you want to be in your baby’s life in the future. Another important topic your counselor is most likely to bring up is the question of why the parenting process is difficult for you. Make sure to not mistake this as reluctance to make the adoption process happen. It is to rule out possible factors that might cause you to regret the adoption process, and to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to. 

Step 2: Make an Adoption Plan

If you and your counselor determine that you would like to move forward with the adoption process, the next step includes deciding on an adoption plan. The plan will be composed of factors such as what level of openness you want -- open, semi-open or closed. These three levels of openness will determine the amount of involvement you will have with your child after the adoption takes place. Then there is what type of adoption you want, and what kind of adoptive family you are looking for. Are you interested in single adoptive parents? Transracial? LGBT? Do you want your child to be an only child, or to be raised with siblings? Your caseworker will help you walk through this, then provide potential parents’ profiles for you to review. You will be able to see pictures and learn about their life through their bio. When you have a prospective couple or individual in mind, your adoption caseworker will help with that process. 

A concern that many birth mothers have is how to make sure that your baby will end up in a happy and healthy home. Adoption Choices of Florida conducts a very thorough home study to determine the lifestyle of the prospective parents in order for you to feel at ease. All profiles you’re shown have already been approved and verified with us. 

Step 3: Meet the Prospective Adoptive Parents

Once you have chosen your adoption plan, including a possible family, you are able to meet the prospective parents, if you like. This is your opportunity to choose a family that meets your expectations, values and lifestyle that you want for the baby. It’s also a very important step to ensure a good transition towards your child. This way, your child gets to establish a connection with the prospective parents to make the transition easier for the baby, by having your child be present in a few visits.

Step 4: Adoption Finalization

The final step requires to process the necessary paperwork so the prospective parents may legally adopt your baby. This process involves adoption attorneys, which we will provide. During this step, it can be established in detail how communication will be held with the adoptive parents, if you chose an open adoption. Communication may be possible via phone calls, social media and even visiting in person from time to time. It is important to point out that even the most determined parents to go through the adoption process experience grief when their baby gets adopted. This is a completely normal process, and your counselor will still be available to you (and your family) for the amount of time needed. 

Choosing Adoption after Your Baby is Born

The process of adoption is definitely easier said than done, but Adoption Choices of Florida has all the resources necessary to complete your adoption process successfully. Our goal is to ensure that your child finds a happy, healthy and loving home that can provide him or her with the life they deserve. 

Find out more adoption information with Adoption Choices of Florida at 800-985-8108!