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A “How-To” Guide on Having a Healthy Pregnancy Before Adoption

A “How-To” Guide on Having a Healthy Pregnancy Before Adoption

Birth mothers play a major role in the adoption process. But, perhaps one of their most important duties, specifically in the beginning of the process, is to take extra good care of their bodies and minds as they go through their pregnancy. This, of course, will not only contribute to the good health of the birth mother, but of her unborn child as well! 

It’s common for birth mothers who’ve chosen adoption for their unborn child to feel extremely nervous about their pregnancy -- especially if it was unplanned. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for you, as a birth mother, to prepare yourself for the birth of your child, for the adoption process and to find ways to keep yourself happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy!

6 Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy Before Adoption

  1. Create an Adoption Plan

Pregnancy, especially when it’s unplanned, can cause an enormous amount of stress! Too much stress can have a damaging, unhealthy affect not only on you, but also on your child. One of the first steps you’ll take as a birth mother going through the adoption process is to create an adoption plan for your child. Deciding to place a child for adoption is not an easy one, but creating an adoption plan often helps birth mothers to decrease feelings of stress, uncertainty and guilt, which often accompany the decision. With these negative feelings out of the way, both you and your unborn child are more likely to be healthier and to stay healthy! 

  1. Regular Doctor Visits

Keeping up with regular doctor visits is a must when you’re pregnant! To ensure the health of both you and your child, experts suggest visiting your doctor once a month for the first six months of your pregnancy, once every two weeks in months seven and eight, and once per week in the final month of your pregnancy. Depending on which of the three types of adoption you choose, you may decide to include your child’s adoptive family in your doctor visits! 

  1. Eat Healthy and Drink Water

Everyone has their guilty pleasures when it comes to food, but when you’re pregnant, you must be extra conscious of the food you’re ingesting. Keep in mind, the food you feed yourself while you’re pregnant also feeds your unborn child. Additionally, the average woman should drink about nine cups of water a day, but this increases to ten or more cups a day when you’re pregnant. Unless you’re already a healthy eater, be prepared to change your diet! This may be difficult at first, but remember, the healthier you eat, the healthier your child is going to be!  

  1. Exercise Regularly

When you’re pregnant, it can be tempting to want to be a little lazy! Though it’s OK to rest every now and then, it’s vital for you to exercise while you’re pregnant. Maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout the duration of your pregnancy is not only good for the overall health of the baby, but also for you! Exercise can help to reduce stress, and can help you to increase your strength and flexibility, which will help you adjust as your body changes throughout your pregnancy.   

  1. Get Some Rest

Taking time to rest and relax is just as important as exercise, especially when you’re pregnant! Even though your body might feel a little different than you’re used to, you still know yourself better than anyone else. If your body is telling you it’s time to take a break, then take a break. You’re pregnant, after all, and getting some rest every now and then never hurt anyone. Besides! A good, long nap is another great way to help reduce stress!  

  1. Have a Great Support System

Pregnancy is different for every woman, but most will agree that there are good and bad days! It’s important for birth mothers to have a strong support system of family and friends to reach out to because, more often than not, women go through the adoption process alone. It’s great to have someone, whether it’s a family member, friend, or even your child’s adoptive parents, who will celebrate with you on the good days, and even better when you have someone who will comfort you on the tough days! 

Baby Steps!

For birth mothers, when it comes to changing your diet or your exercise routine to accommodate your pregnancy, it’s important for you to take things slow. Just like how it takes time for us to adjust to new environments or new people, your body needs to adjust to physical changes, and new eating and workout habits. You might find it helpful to do a little research on easy exercise routines and healthy recipes, but remember not to strain or stress yourself out. Again, it might be a challenge at first to change up your lifestyle, but just like your decision to place your child for adoption, eating healthy and staying active are in the best interest of your unborn child! 

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