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Types of Adoption in Florida

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In all adoption stories, the birth mother is the hero. Selflessly, she makes the decision to help a human being to have a better life. This is something to be very proud of. Not only is she changing the life of her baby, but she is granting the adoptive parents the opportunity to create a family. I know this first hand, because I am a child of adoption. I am forever grateful to my birth mother for giving me the opportunity to live a beautiful life.

The decision to place your baby up for adoption is a difficult one; but know that your actions create loving families and an opportunity for a child to thrive. When making this decision, it’s very important to take into account the different types of adoptions:

Open Adoption: Open Adoption is a type of adoption which provides birth mothers and the adoptive parents to have contact, and open communication. This could be just having their contact information or could include talking regularly; whether it’s over the phone or face-to-face. This allows for a relationship to be maintained throughout the child’s life. This is an option for birth mothers who would like to maintain some sort of relationship with the adoptive family and their child. Every adoption plan is as unique as you! Adoption Choices always advocates an open or semi-open adoption.

Semi-Open Adoption: Semi-Open Adoption is a form of adoption which consists of contact between the birth mother and adoptive parents often facilitated through a third party, such as an adoption agency. This contact is in the form of pictures, letters, and/or potentially contact via social media. This is an option for birth mothers who would like to maintain a connection with adoptive families, but still have a sense of privacy.

Closed Adoption: Closed Adoption is a type of adoption which consists of no contact between the birth mother and adoptive families. The adoptive parents often know little or nothing about the birth mother. However, in closed adoptions, information such as medical history may become available to the adoptive families. This is an option for birth mothers who would like full closure with their adoption plan.

The type of adoption which birth mothers choose is a very personal decision. It is important to consider all aspects of all the different types of adoptions, and weigh which one is best for you. There is no right or wrong answer, or distinct formula as to what type of adoption is the best fit. With careful consideration, and reason, you will find the best option for you and your unborn child! Adoption Choices of Florida is available now to discuss your adoption options. Please visit us online or call or text us at 800-985-8108.