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My Adoption Story

We have a brand new content writer with Adoption Choices of Florida and she has a remarkable adoption story to share...

On April 17h, 2002, my mother received a phone call. That call changed many lives. It would ultimately be the basis for this beautiful life my family and I currently live.

grayscale photo of baby lying on white textile

My mother received a call from the local social worker, asking if she would like to adopt a baby girl. Without thinking twice, my mom jumped at the opportunity. She called my dad, and together they entered the life altering journey of adoption.

This adoption opportunity allowed them to create a family.

When my birth mother made the decision to place me, and a year later, my younger brother for adoption, she embraced the heroic qualities within her. She made the decision to give my brother and I a life she believed we deserved. Our home is now filled with lifelong memories, infinite amounts of love, and the reminiscence of a perfect childhood.

My adoption has given me the foundation to be where I am today. I believe that some things in life are too powerful to be coincidences. I believe that when my birth mother granted herself the courage to place us for adoption, she was in fact granting my family and I a once in a lifetime miracle. I am eternally grateful for every single day; and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

When I think about all I’ve experienced in my years on Earth so far from holidays, and birthdays to family camping trips, to school proms, I realize that her decision was lifechanging. She gave me the opportunity to live this life. I owe a lot to her decision made many years ago.

I recently turned eighteen; and have come into contact with my birth mother and siblings. My birth mother has told me that she has thought about me every single day of her life. However, the thing that stuck with me the most, are her words “I didn’t do it because I didn’t love, or want you, I did it because I loved you so much.”

This is so powerful in the sense that, my birth mother loved me so much, she made the decision to give what was hers, the opportunity to flourish, and thrive in a better life. One of my favorite quotes is “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. This quote could not be reflected more than with mine and all adoptees situation.

Because of our birth mother’s courage, our lives have not expanded, but have in fact been created. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be loved by an amazing family, and to have been given a fair shot at what every child deserves: love, stability, and hope.

I would like to thank my birth mother for believing in her baby girl, and baby boy. I would like to thank her for believing that with proper care and nurturing we could grow into the people we are today. I would like to thank my birth mother for allowing me to find my way to my amazing parents. I thank my birth mother for having the courage to choose adoption and allowing me to have had the opportunity to grow into who I am today: a joyous, optimistic, and lucky girl, all the result of one brave hero, and one courageous decision.

About the Author: Grace Davis is studying Social Work and Political Science Communications at Siena College. She is an adoptee, grateful for her life and family, and maintains contact with her birth mother.