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Using an Adoption Agency

There are a number of benefits to choosing a private agency to help with your adoption. For instance, agencies typically are skilled at matching children to families and are familiar with the various legal issues that may come up.

In most instances, an adoption agency can help both prospective parents and birth parents with a wide range of services. Adoption agencies can help adoptive families with home inspections, getting the necessary consents, and even helping parents understand various state laws that deal with adoptions. Agencies can help birth parents with financial expenses, living arrangements, and ensuring the birth mother has proper medical care. 

One of the main benefits of a private adoption agency is that it will provide extensive counseling. In addition to helping smooth the transition to a new family, counseling has the benefit of protecting the adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted child later on in the process. 

Adoption is an emotional process, and feelings won’t automatically resolve themselves even after the adoption is over. This is why we continue to provide supportive counseling to birth mothers even after they give birth.

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Expenses of Agency Adoptions

For adoptive parents: if you choose a private agency for your adoption, you can expect to pay for their services. If you've been matched with a pregnant woman through the agency, you may end up paying for the medical and living expenses of the mother during her pregnancy.

How much a private agency will charge for adoption is determined by their fee structure. Some agencies charge a flat fee for each adoption. This fee can vary, depending on the age of the child and circumstance of the birth mother.  

For birth parents: there is no fee. The adoption process is always free.

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Finding the Right Adoption Agency

There are thousands of adoption agencies to choose from across the United States, particularly in densely populated areas. Adoption Choices of Florida offers full-service private adoptions. We work with birth parents and adoptive families. We provide financial stability, medical care, a safe place to stay, and supportive counseling to our birth parents. For adoptive families, we provide home study services, welcome all family dynamics, training and counseling, matching and placement services, and with our in-house counsel, support all the legal procedures of your adoption. 

Using an adoption agency instead of going through the process on your own can ensure that all the correct paperwork, consents, and other legal and administrative requirements are met. Adoption Choices of Florida is your team of compassionate, professional adoption experts. Call us at 800-985-8108