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Pregnant & Addicted: Is Adoption an Option?

An unexpected pregnancy can be stressful and jarring. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the situation could create even more stress regarding your options for keeping or adopting the child.

An expectant mother struggling with addiction can legally adopt out her child. In fact, the process for doing is the same as it is for an expectant mother who is sober. An adoption agency will not judge you for your life choices and will do everything possible to match the baby with the right family.

Benefits of Adoption

Adoption can:

  • help an expectant mother receive pregnancy-related financial assistance;
  • allow an expectant mother to choose the adoptive family; and
  • allow an expectant mother to continue a relationship with her child (if open adoption is chosen).

Once you get in contact with an adoption agency, your adoption specialist will help you create an adoption plan that will serve as a roadmap for the entire process.

Choosing a Family to Adopt Your Child

If you would like a say in who adopts your child, you can handpick and interview prospective families. You can choose the family based on a variety of factors, such as religious background or income level. You can even build a relationship with the adoptive family throughout the course of your pregnancy. Doing so can help you confirm you have chosen people who will provide a great life for your child.

If you choose an open adoption, you can keep in touch with the adoptive family through:

  • email;
  • texts;
  • phone calls;
  • social media; and/or
  • consistent in-person meetings.

Helping You Help Your Child

If you find yourself pregnant and decide you aren’t ready to be a parent, adoption is a wonderful option. At Adoption Choices of Florida, our specialists can help you connect with your ideal adoptive family. We are not here to judge your personal life choices; rather, we are here to help you make the decision that’s best for you and your unborn child. If you are pregnant and currently addicted to a substance, we can help you find an adoptive family for your child.

Call our team today at (800) 985-8108 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.