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How Can I Place My Child For Adoption if DHS Took Them?

What is DHS?

DHS, otherwise known as the Department of Human Services (aka DCF), is a national organization that provides essential resources and services for the populations they serve. In the context of adoption, they are in charge of the state’s foster care system and help children navigate the foster care system.

Why Might DHS take my child?

There are different reasons DHS might intervene and place your child in the foster care system. Some reasons include abuse of any kind or child neglect. DHS will intervene if it appears the child is not being taken care of properly. Additionally, if the parent is suffering from addiction, is imprisoned, or for whatever reason, cannot properly care for the child, DHS will place the child in the foster care system.

Once they enter the system, depending on the situation, the child will eventually be placed back into your care or parental rights may be terminated.

DHS in Florida

If you live in Florida and your child is under the care of DHS, adoption can be a consideration for you. As long as the birth mother still has her parental rights, she can consider placing her child for adoption through a private adoption agency.

This process is called intervention and has many benefits for both the parents and the child. If you feel that placing your child for adoption is the best choice for yourself and your child, this section allows you to consider and plan this option. 

What is Private Adoption?

If you do choose to place your child for adoption using this clause, it is important to understand what a private adoption agency is. Using private adoption agencies, birth parents have an active role in the adoption process. In general, they can communicate and possibly meet the adoptive parents. This allows birth parents to build a relationship with the adoptive parents.

If you are ready to begin your private adoption process, call Adoption Choices of Florida at 800-985-8108 today.


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