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Why Choose Adoption?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Florida, you may be considering adoption for your baby. You may be looking to learn more about the adoption process, or trying to decide whether placing your baby for adoption is the right decision for you. It is important to know what adoption is and what you can expect as an expectant mother. It is also important to know that you are not “giving your baby up for adoption.” Adoption is not giving up.

There are many reasons why an expectant mother might choose adoption. Maybe she is lacking financial resources and support to raise a child (or another child). Perhaps she is in an abusive relationship or environment and she doesn’t want her baby to experience the same. She might be single, homeless, dealing with addiction, or in another situation that she knows would not be ideal to raise a child. Or, an expectant mother might choose adoption because she wants to give another family a child, she’s just not ready to parent yet, or she doesn’t want to sacrifice her lifestyle or career.

No matter her reason, adoption is a positive choice that a mother makes for her baby. It is a thoughtful decision that takes great strength, compassion, and love. When a mother chooses adoption, she chooses to give her baby a life beyond what she can provide at the time. When an expectant mother decides to place her child with an adoptive family, she is choosing to give her baby a better life. She is putting her child’s needs above her own. She is planning for the rest of her child’s life, and therefore making a profoundly selfless and loving choice.

Making an adoption plan means planning ahead for your baby’s life. Should you choose to make an adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Florida, you can choose the family for your baby. You can make a plan that will make you feel most comfortable. You can even choose an open adoption, which means you will have some form of contact or relationship with the adoptive family as your child grows.

Open adoption has been found to be the most positive choice for both children AND birth parents. In fact, most children involved in an open adoption are very happy. Open adoption also gives birth mothers great peace of mind, knowing that they are still a part of their child’s life. While open adoption is a great decision for many expectant/birth mothers, it is certainly not the only option. You can also choose a closed adoption, if you wish to keep your personal information private, or if you think open adoption will be too difficult right now. Some women start with a closed adoption plan, but then open it up down the road. This is okay, too. Whatever you decide, we will support you and your decision.

Adoption is a selfless, courageous choice for anyone who is not in the position to raise a baby. Do not let society or anyone in your life tell you that you are “giving your baby up for adoption.” Instead, tell them what you are actually doing: Giving an opportunity to your child for the rest of his or her life. You should feel proud and brave for considering this path for your child.

Making an adoption plan is a decision that is yours and yours alone. It is not something anyone else can push you to do, and it is not something you should feel pressured into by any means. Adoption Choices of Florida understands that this is a life changing decision, and our loving staff will support and guide you along, without any bias or judgment. Call us today at (800) 985-8108 or simply complete the contact form