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scared girl with pregnancy test

Crisis Pregnancy

Facing an unplanned, unexpected, crisis, or unwanted pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. You might even feel like you're entire life has turned upside down and you're brain is filling with "what do I do!?", "what are my options?!" and very real fear.

We understand. This is truly a moment when everything changes. Take a deep breath, we are here to help. While we are an adoption agency and advocate for adoption, our staff will take the time to review ALL of your options. No matter what you decide for you and your baby, we will never judge you nor disregard you.

Adoption Choices of Florida provides comprehensive resources, referrals, and services to all birth mothers experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Our compassionate staff of professionals will provide educational sessions, community referrals, and connections. If a birth mother chooses adoption, she will make a personalized adoption plan and receive counseling throughout the adoption process, even after the birth and placement! 

Adoption counseling options might include pregnancy counseling, pre and post adoption counseling, case management, resources, emotional support, and financial support. Together, we will explore your feelings, circumstances, and available options. If you are not ready to make an adoption plan, we may refer you to other resources that can help for parenting or terminating your pregnancy. When you contact Adoption Choices of Florida, you are never obligated to proceed with an adoption plan nor are you ever judged. 

If you are facing a crisis pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, unexpected, or unwanted pregnancy, adoption is an option and Adoption Choices of Florida can help. Call us now at 800-985-8108 to speak to one of our adoption specialist. You can email us too and we'll get back with you ASAP!