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Birth Mother Rights

Whether you are just starting to explore adoption or are searching for an adoptive family, you have rights as a birth mother. Not only do you have the right to honest answers to your questions but you also have rights to support, guidance, and counseling throughout the adoption process.

Even though ultimately you are giving up your legal rights to the child, you are still in control of how you want your adoption plan to unfold. For example, you have the right to choose the adoptive family and be as specific as you want regarding the qualities you wish them to possess. This means choosing the type of family such as traditional mother/father, same sex, or single person adoption, religious beliefs and backgrounds, values, and even the location of the adoptive family.

You also have the right to the type of adoption such as an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. You have the right to determine how much contact you want with the adoptive family during and after the adoption. You can ask for pictures and letters to update you on the child’s status for up to 18 years.

Here are some questions YOU have the right to have answered and Adoption Choices of Florida can help!:

  • What resources are available to me about adoption?
  • Can you give me guidance on how to tell my parents or the baby’s father?
  • How are adoptive families screened?
  • Why should I choose Adoption Choices of Florida to handle my adoption?
  • What is an open or semi-open adoption? Is closed adoption an option?
  • Can I meet the adoptive parents?
  • If my child is in foster care, can I still choose adoption?
  • If I choose adoption, can I hold the baby at the hospital?
  • Can I select an out-of-state family to adopt my baby?
  • How do I handle friends who are against my adoption plan?
  • Can you set up counseling for me?
  • Are there any costs to me?
  • Can I obtain assistance with my medical expenses?
  • What type of families are available to adopt my child?
  • Can I have the adoptive parents present during my doctor’s appointment? During birth?
  • Can I have contact with the adoptive parents after birth?
  • Can I send a letter to my baby for her baby album?
  • Can I obtain financial assistance for my reasonable living expenses?

If you have questions about adoption, or if you are interested in adoption information, please contact Adoption Choices of Florida by emailing us, or calling us at 800-985-8108!

More adoption laws in Florida:

  • Under Florida law, birth mothers cannot consent to the adoption of a newborn until 48 hours after the child is born or on the day she is discharged from the hospital. Once the birth mother signs the consent, it is binding and effective immediately.
  • The state of Florida maintains restrictions on allowable expenses that are permitted to birth parents in adoption. Adoption laws in Florida regulate what types of funds and what amount adoptive parents and/or adoption agencies are allowed to assist with. Allowable adoption expenses in Florida include:
    • Birth parent expenses incurred during pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum, such as reasonable living expenses and necessary medical expenses

    • Court filing fees, court costs and any other court administrative fees

    • Advertising costs incurred by the adoption professional

    • The cost of the birth certificate and medical records

    • Reasonable fees for professional services involved in the pregnancy or adoption process, such as legal representation, counseling services, or home study fees

  • The following costs are prohibited by Florida adoption laws:

    • Expenses that are not itemized within an affidavit filed by the adoptive parents with the court

    • Expenses listed in the affidavit that don’t specify the type of service provided, the date it was provided on, who provided the service, the hourly fee charged, or the time required to provide the service

    • Expenses that constitute as payment for locating a child for adoption