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Birth Father

When it comes to adoption, most people think solely about the birth mother or adoptive parents regarding questions, fears, or planning. However, we’re forgetting a very important piece of this puzzle: the birth father. 

What is a birth father?

A birth father is the biological father of a child who has been or will be adopted; understanding your rights and how they apply to the adoption process is just as important for you, as it is for the birth mother of the child.

Birth Fathers:

  • Are the biological fathers of their child or children.
  • Do not have custody of their children.
  • Do not pay child support.
  • May be married to the mother of the child, married to another, divorced, or unmarried.
  • May or may not have surrendered their parental rights.
  • May or may not live in the same area as their child’s adoptive family.

Many birth fathers find themselves excluded from the decision making process of adoption for many reasons. Often a birth father won’t be involved in choosing or meeting the adoptive parents, working with an adoption professional, or the birth of the baby because the birth father wasn’t able to be found, or because no attempt was made to locate and notify him.

Adoption Choices of Florida will always make an attempt to locate the father of the child and make them aware of the adoption and their rights as fathers before proceeding with an adoption. If you feel you need to speak to an adoption attorney or adoption professional about your rights as a birth father, please contact us.

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