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woman sitting thinking about adoption

Why Choose Adoption?

The majority of birth parents who choose adoption are single women facing an unplanned pregnancy. A woman chooses adoption for a variety of reasons. A minority of married couples also decide to place their child into adoption, primarily because they are unable to financially support a child (or another child).

For the purposes of the information in this post, we will focus on domestic adoptions (adoptions occurring inside the United States), and the birth mother's path through adoption. Our references to birth mothers should be understood to include birth fathers as well, when the birth fathers make themselves available to the adoption process.

Reasons for Adoption

A birth mother typically contemplates adoption for one of several reasons:

- Some mothers find themselves pregnant while not in a committed relationship, and are unwilling or unable to become single mothers.

- Other women may feel like they are too young, or are not ready or willing to accept the responsibility that comes with raising a child. In these cases, the mother may decide that for the child and/or herself, it is best to place the child for adoption.

- Another circumstance occurs with birth mothers who may be living in poverty and/or abusing drugs or alcohol and who find themselves unable to adequately support a child (or an additional child). In this case, the birth mother may choose to place her child for adoption and hope that a family in better financial circumstances will provide that child with a good life.

- Finally, there are birth mothers who find themselves pregnant, but who never desired to raise a child and would rather give their child a chance to grow up as a wanted member of a family.

There are many reasons women make adoption plans during their pregnancies.
A few more things you may want to consider while making your decision are:

  • Financial security
  • The stability of your home and relationships
  • Your plans for the future
  • Family involvement, and ultimately,
  • What you think is best for your child

No one can tell you why you should or shouldn’t make an adoption plan.This decision is yours to make. The decision of making an adoption plan is obviously not an easy one, but sometimes it is the best choice you have.
Adoption Choices of Florida is here to give you adoption information and counseling to provide you with resources that will help you make an informed decision.