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woman scared looking at pregnancy test

Pregnant and Ashamed

You Don't Need to Hide an Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnant womanShame, embarrassment, and guilt are all-too familiar and common emotions associated with facing an unplanned pregnancy. How did this happen; how could I let this happen? Shame and guilt as if you did something wrong. What will they think; what will they say? Embarrassment because you feel judged by everyone around you.

But here's the real deal: sex isn't taboo anymore, there are viable options for your unplanned pregnancy, and women are stronger than ever - let them judge!! You have not let anyone down! You do not need to hide your pregnancy! Adoption is an option and it too is no longer taboo.

Choosing an adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Florida means choosing a life for your child and yourself that may otherwise never exist. It means choosing and meeting the adoptive family that will love, raise, and spoil your child like their own. It means (if you choose open adoption) the opportunity to watch your child grow up and even develop a relationship with them. It means a second chance for you.

Facts: Your self-worth isn't determined by others judgements. It is hard to accept that everyone makes mistakes. But let's also remember to love, respect, and accept yourself. Learn to disregard the others' opinions of you. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

After all, how can you be ashamed or embarrassed of a beautiful child whom you had the honor of brining into this world? That kind of gift is an incredible feeling that will wash away emotions of shame, embarrassment, or guilt. You will feel pride, gratitude, peace, and ultimately, love.

Don't let your unplanned pregnancy leave you feeling down and out - consider it an opportunity and know that adoption is an option in Florida. Call our full service adoption agency at any point in your pregnancy to discuss your options. We will provide information and resources in a compassionate, judge-free zone. If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, we will ensure your bills are paid, you are in safe housing, you get medical care, and more.

You are scared, understandably. You are looking for a quick way out, understandably. You are confused, ashamed, and feeling alone. We understand. We are here to help.

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