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Open or Semi-Open Adoption

Before the 1980s, most adoptions were closed, meaning the birth parents and adoptive family exchanged no information and no contact during and after the adoption process. Closed adoption were the norm rather than a choice. As a result, many birth mothers, adoptive parents, and children were left with unanswered questions about their adoption story. Adoption thus became a taboo subject full of secrecy.

Today, we have grown FAR from adoptions of the past. Expectant mothers have the power to choose the type of adoption you want to have: open, semi-open, or closed.You have the option of maintaining contact with your child after the adoption by choosing an open or semi-open adoption plan. In fact, these types of post-adoption relationships are modern and common. They have also been proven healthy for adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees. 

Semi-Open and Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida

There are two main types of open adoption:

  • Fully open adoption involves the exchange of identifying information, including last names and personal contact information, medical history, as well as direct contact between the adoptive family and birth parents.
  • Semi-open adoption includes the exchange of non-identifying information (including first names), and contact is usually mediated through your adoption agency.

The majority of infant adoptions through Adoption Choices of Florida have some level of openness. Most commonly, the adoptive family agrees to send pictures and letters to birth parents several times per year, until the child is 18. Sometimes families communicate directly with the child’s birth mother, and even have in-person visits once or twice a year. These arrangements would be considered fully open adoptions.

Other times, letters and pictures are exchanged through Adoption Choices of Florida in a semi-open adoption. Of course, if you do not want any contact after the adoption, you are free to choose this option as well. Women who choose closed adoption will still be in control of their adoption plan and can make many important decisions throughout the process, including choosing the adoptive parents, planning their hospital stay, and more.

Whatever type of contact you want to have with your child after the adoption, Adoption Choices of Florida will help you communicate a post-adoption contact agreement with the adoptive family. All parties will have some idea of the type of contact you want before you are matched with a potential adoptive family, so that everyone goes into the match with similar expectations. 

We are always here to discuss your options! Serving expectant women and adoptive families, call us toll free at 800-985-8108