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same sex couple adoption

Choosing a Same Sex Couple to Adopt your Child

If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption for her child, you may be concerned about finding your perfect adoptive family. At Adoption Choices of Florida, we help every woman we work with to find exactly what she’s looking for in adoptive parents; and for many women, that includes LGBTQ or same-sex adoptive families. We work with many gay couples looking to adopt, and the process to find a gay couple to adopt a baby is exactly like the process for finding any other adoptive parents!

Why Should I Place My Child for Adoption with a Same-Sex Adoptive Family?

While some may debate the merits of gay parents adopting kids, that’s not a debate we have here at Adoption Choices of Florida. We have many same sex adoptive families who have provided safe, loving homes for their children, and we’re more than happy to help more gay couples adopt children. In fact, we believe there are many advantages to placing your child in a home with a same-sex couple:

  • Children who are raised in same-sex adoptive families may be more likely to be sympathetic and understanding. Children who are raised in gay adoption families will know their family doesn’t necessarily look like a “traditional” family, but the differences will make them stronger individuals overall. These children are more likely to be kind, inclusive and compassionate people.

  • Children who are adopted by same-sex couples may be more confident. When you are taught from a young age, as children in same-sex adoptive families are, that being different is a source of pride rather than shame, the confidence instilled at a young age will teach children to be resilient, strong and independent.

  • Same-sex adoptive families may be more understanding of mental and health issues. Ideally, fewer and fewer same-sex parents would experience prejudice during their own childhoods, but in reality, many of them do. Because of this, some lesbian couples wanting to adopt or gay couples wanting to adopt may be more sensitive of mental health issues such as depression. They are more likely to understand the seriousness of these conditions, and may be more responsive if these issues affect their own children.

  • Gay couples looking to adopt may make you feel better understood or more connected in terms of facing judgement or discrimination. If you are considering adoption for your child, you may be at a difficult stage in your life. Although you’re making a selfless decision, you may still feel judged or discriminated against because of your choice to consider adoption for your baby. Same-sex couples may understand better than most what it’s like to feel judged, and it may be easier to bond with them because of this. It’s recommended that you form a lifelong relationship with your child’s adoptive parents in an open adoption, so placing your child with a couple you relate to can make that bond that much stronger.

How do I find a gay couple to adopt my baby?

When you first begin to look for adoptive families for your baby, your Adoption Choices of Florida adoption specialist will help you identify exactly what you’re looking for. He or she will help you answer the following questions:

  • Is it important to you that your child looks like his or her parents? Some women prefer that their babies be adopted by families who share the same cultural background as they do.

  • Do you want your child to have siblings? Some women feel strongly about placing their child in a family that hasn’t been able to have children of their own yet, which may describe many gay couples looking to adopt. Others prefer to place their babies in homes that already have children.

  • Do you picture your child growing up in a certain location? Adoption Choices of Florida works with adoptive parents across the U.S., so wherever you envision your child growing up can be a reality.  You might be able to pick the location where your child grows up.

  • What values are important to you in adoptive parents for your child? Some women want their children to be raised in homes that practice a certain religion, while other women are concerned with things like politics or work ethic. Adoption Choices of Florida works with families from many different backgrounds, so you’re sure to find adoptive parents who share the same values you have.

Finding your perfect adoptive family for your child can be a stressful process. It’s important to keep in mind that only you know what’s best for your baby; if you feel that your child’s place is with a gay couple looking to adopt, then that’s exactly the family you should choose!