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Benefits of Open Adoption

Ninety-five percent of adoptions today are considered open or semi-open. Most prospective birth mothers choose to maintain a post-adoption relationship with the family and their child because of the many benefits these relationships can offer:

  • Reassurance in your adoption decision: As you get to know the adoptive family, you may feel more confident that they will provide the type of life and home you want for your child. Bonding with your baby’s prospective parents can provide the reassurance you need to feel comfortable with your adoption plan.
  • Peace after placement: Signing the final adoption paperwork is never easy, but knowing that you will be able to see your child again may help you process your feelings of grief and loss following placement. You will always know your child is happy and healthy, and that can help you find closure after the adoption.
  • Opportunities to tell your story: Depending on your relationship with the adoptive parents, open adoption may give you the chance to tell your child his or her adoption story in your own words. You can explain your adoption decision, remind your child of your love, and help answer his or her adoption questions. This not only benefits you, but it will also benefit your child to know that you chose adoption out of love for him or her.
  • New, supportive relationships: In addition to your relationship with your child, open adoption can provide you with many other meaningful, lifelong relationships. Many birth mothers and adoptive parents even consider each other extended family, and these types of loving, supportive relationships benefit everyone involved.

While open and semi-open adoption can be beneficial in many ways, it is up to each prospective birth mother to decide what type of post-adoption relationship is right for her. Adoption Choices of Florida can provide the support you need as you make this and many other important decisions throughout the adoption process.

To learn more about semi-open and open adoption in Florida, please contact Adoption Choices of Florida today to request free adoption information. Your call is confidential and does not obligate you to proceed with an adoption plan.