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November is National Adoption Month!

History of National Adoption Month

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For over two decades, National Adoption Month has been promoted and celebrated every November in communities across the country. Many national, State, and local agencies as well as foster, kinship care, and adoptive family groups will help educate their communities through programs, events, and activities that help raise awareness about the thousands of children and youth currently in foster care who are waiting for their own permanent, loving families.

In 1976, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis announced an Adoption Week to promote awareness of the need for adoptive families for children in foster care.
In 1984, President Reagan proclaimed the first National Adoption Week.
In 1995, President Clinton expanded the awareness week to the entire month of November. While in 1998, he directed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop a plan to expand the use of the Internet as a tool to find homes for children waiting to be adopted from foster care.
And in 2008, President Bush provides an explanation of National Adoption Month in Spanish!

Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

  1. Tell people about it! Don’t be ashamed, don’t hide in secrecy, CELEBRATE adoption!!
    • Tell your adoption story.
    • Share a profile link for a family hoping to adopt.
    • Share infographics on your social media outlets to help increase public knowledge about adoption.
    • Update your Facebook cover photo with an Adoption Awareness Month photo.
    • Use the hashtag #nationaladoptionmonth when posting to social media.
    • Join an online adoption support group.
  2. Read! Learn and educate!
    • Read a book or blog about adoption.
    • Read the National Adoption Month proclamations as a family; share it with your friends.
    • Watch a birth parent panel discussion.
  3. Show your birth parents or adoptive family love.
    • Write a thank you note and send a care package to your child’s birth parents.
    • Write a thank you note to your caseworker or attorney.
  4. Schedule a Skype or Facetime conversation with your child’s birth parents.
  5. Family Time!!
    • Cook a traditional meal from your child’s heritage.
    • Family movie night featuring a movie with adoption themes.
    • Make your family an adoption-oriented playlist. Have an amazing family dance party!
  6. Provide community support.
    • Make a financial donation to your favorite adoption organization.
    • Surprise a local foster family with a meal or gift cards.
    • Donate adoption-themed books to the library at your child’s school.
    • Collect needed items for your local foster care organization. Involve your community and bring awareness to the need.
    • Bring awareness to the thousands of children waiting for adoption.
    • Participate in an adoption awareness walk.
    • Donate time or financial support to a birth parent support group.
    • Start an adoption playgroup in your area.
    • Make a special trip to Wendy’s and donate to their adoption program.
  7. Get creative…
    • Create or purchase a piece of adoption art for your home.
    • Share the adoption triad symbol with friends and teach them the significance and why it is important.
  8. Be an adoption Fashionista
  9. Encourage your employer to offer adoption benefits similar to those offered to biological parents. Some fortune 500 companies even offer adoption subsidies. Do research and meet with your office’s Human Resources department.


We want to spend the entire month of November sharing your stories and your celebration ideas. Please message us with your photos, stories, and ideas. Thank you and Happy National Adoption Month!!